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We turn your raw data into actionable intelligence in less time and for half the cost of our competitors.

Our Performance Management and Analytics program delivers best-in-class analytics capabilities through deeper insights, faster integration and consistently aligned data. Companies with best-in-class analytics capabilities have been shown to be more likely to be a top-quartile financial performer (2x as likely), execute decisions as intended (3x), and make faster decisions (5x).* Improve your ability to deliver strong gains in financial performance, execution and decision-making.


Improve performance, execution and decision-making

Deeper Insights

Consistently Aligned Data

Faster Integration


Learn what drives performance.

Faster Integration

Consistently Aligned Data

Faster Integration


Proprietary technology enables us to rapidly integrate data assets and deliver new, valuable insights.

Consistently Aligned Data

Consistently Aligned Data

Consistently Aligned Data


Accessible, accurate and well-structured reporting and analytics helps establish consensus on complex analyses.

Develop world-class performance management and analytics

The phases of our Performance Management and Analytics program include:

1. PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT FRAMEWORK: We establish balanced metrics using our key performance indicator (KPI) trees. They provide a performance management framework that cascades from the enterprise to the individual contributor.

2. RAPID DATA SOURCING: We ascertain the best sources of existing data and establish cost-effective, high-quality, new data sources.

3. PROFILE DATA AND FIX QUALITY: We profile, validate and document data sources and lineage, and then identify and fix any data quality issues.

4. INTEGRATE DATA ASSETS: We increase the value of your data assets by integrating business, product and channel data to create a more holistic, client-centric view. We then supplement these analyses with the ability to thoroughly cross-reference big-data or multi-channel data sources.

5. REPORTING AND ADVANCED ANALYTICS: We develop standardized and ad hoc reporting and tools. These are built on a powerful framework that increases your ability to quickly identify and quantify specific drivers and levers to improve performance, and to quickly model and assess the impacts of key programs and strategies.