What is Operational Excellence?

Gain transparency and insight

Operational Excellence is a set of approaches, practices, and tools that target maximizing efficiency in Operations without losing focus on time, quality, cost, and employees. Many elements of it are common across various organizations (e.g. lean, digitization, etc.), some can be though unique and reflect company-specific culture.

Drive a 20% increase in productivity while enhancing employee engagement and the customer experience.


Operational Excellence (OE) and Data Razor

Enhance Employee Engagement

Enhance Employee Engagement

Enhance Employee Engagement


Empower individuals to make better decisions and focus on your customers.

Improve Productivity

Enhance Employee Engagement

Enhance Employee Engagement


Elevate employee performance and improve quality to better meet the needs of your customers.

Create Better Leaders

Enhance Employee Engagement

Create Better Leaders


Upgrade management practices and enhance performance insights.

Comprehensive Operational Excellence Approach

The Operations Excellence Program challenges managers to work closely with their teams, helping them improve relevant production skills and develop a better understanding of workload and available resources.

Sustained improvement of key performance indicators is achieved through the use of weekly planning and staff development. Operational Excellence often leads to:

  • improved customer service
  • reduced costs
  • increased productivity
  • better utilization of resources
  • enhanced capacity alignment

Most importantly though, our Program leads to stronger communication and shared objectives across the firm, from upper management to front line staff.


Three key components of Operations Excellence projects


Operational Excellence Examples – Case Studies