What is Artificial Intelligence?

Is your organization ready for Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Additional Information

Increasingly, companies are investigating the potential implications of AI in their enterprise, and if and how they should adopt it.

With a view to addressing what preparation is necessary to make implementing this technology a truly competitive advantage, Data Razor offers you a comprehensive primer on AI, in its many forms, and the many issues that surround its implementation in business.

Additionally, we provide a range of services ranging from educational seminars that bring your organization up-to-date on AI technology, to comprehensive deep dive research and strategy development that results in an actionable AI strategy.  Our team will work with you to pick the right direction and project for your company and help make sure that the competition and/or technology innovations don’t surprise you.


Intelligent Automation (AI+RPA)

Robotic process automation is an incredibly pragmatic and cost-effective means of improving productivity. However, traditional RPA struggles with the efficiency constraints of its context dependency and inability to make judgment-based decisions; AI-enhanced RPA can remove these process bottlenecks in many situations. AI-enhanced RPA’s extended skill set ensures that it can be applied to a much broader class of business processes.

Because RPA software robots mimic human actions using existing interfaces, companies do not have to make changes to their systems. The robots themselves are so easily programmed that minimal involvement from the IT department or expensive programmers is required. The entire system is scalable, as the simple programming makes it possible for multiple users to deploy additional robots to handle tasks as needed. This means that, in most cases, businesses see a positive ROI in just five to nine months.